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Flow Chart for the Gardening Revival

We love this graphic from garden writer (and activist) C. L. Fornari, the Garden Lady.  What she’s calling the “flow chart for the Gardening Revival” has been shared on garden blogs everywhere and over 1,300 times on Facebook alone. Posted by Garden Rant on...

Shut Up And Dig

Catching up with Dr. A

Here we are at the Plant WNY CNLP Education Day (totally insider/geek event) It’s been a while! Horticulturalist, professor, breeder, and—as we know him best—author of Herbaceous Perennial Plants and many other standard texts on garden plants, Allan Armitage, has been absent from our...

Ministry Of Controversy

In defense of garden cats

Cat photo courtesy of Shutterstock As a gardening veterinarian, I feel obligated to defend our feline friends against the recent onslaught of poor publicity directed towards them.  I’m referring of course, to news reports that stem from a January 29, 2013 article by Scott...

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